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Location: Scotland

They are a flexible electronics company which has redefined the definition of “flexible”. Incorporated in May 2018 with the aim of manufacturing highly sensitive and compliant force/pressure sensors as an electronic skin for robots called as Wootzkin. Their electronic skin allows robots/autonomous systems to sense and feel like humans do with their own skin. The company also believes that the key to being ahead in the highly fast-paced technology industry is to keep innovating.



They have developed and formulated a new polymer and modified its surface in such a way that standard metals can be deposited onto the substrate to create electronic circuits by using one of the most widely and cost-effective methods of electronics microfabrication such as photolithography, stencil film or screen printing while maintaining the flexibility, stretchability and bendability. They have transformed this substrate into a highly sensitive force/pressure sensor as an electronic skin for robots called Wootzkin. Wootzkin allows robots to pick up delicate items without bruising or damaging them.


One of the biggest obstacles to having completely bendable mobile phones which look like wristbands or robots wanting to pick up delicate items such as fruits and vegetables without bruising or damaging them is the state of the current flexible electronics substrates. These substrates resemble a piece of paper, once they are bent beyond a specific angle, they leave crease marks which renders them useless. More importantly, the electronics on top of it are damaged as well in the process. The sensors are also not sensitive. Wootzkin eliminates this since this completely since it is conformal, highly sensitive and wrap around the surface of a robotic hand giving the robot the feel it requires


Wootzkin’s revenue is generated by selling the hardware (electronic skin) together with electronics and software for any existing and new robots. One of their customer for Wootzkin, Ocado Plc, would want to deploy 600 robots across their warehouses within the UK by 2020. Customers such as Suncrop produce and other suppliers of fruits and vegetables also fall into this category. Further revenue is generated from providing the software as a service. The software will be connected to a cloud and they charge a monthly subscription to access different profiles such as a profile for apple or banana. They give access to their machine learning algorithm and also remotely manage Wootzkin sensors.

Minimum Target –£ 250,000





Buy or Invest in an Engineering, Procurement & Construction Business

Location: United Arab Emirates – Sharjah

Seeking Investment

GBP 1.7 million for 49.0% stake (Native Currency: AED8,000,000)

Reason: Looking for strategic partner to explore business opportunities in Africa.

Includes physical assets worth GBP 200 thousand

 Business Overview

– Electro-mechanical contracting company based in Sharjah, that has been operating since 2003.

– Company undertakes civil, residential and commercial electro-mechanical projects.

– Clients include both private companies and Government entities. Currently there are 250 private clients and Government entities in Dubai.

– Successfully completed 50 residential projects and over 200 projects involving schools and hospitals.

– Company is also involved in solar support projects.

– Future plans include exploring business opportunities in Africa.

Products & Services Overview

Mechanical Division – Design & Build Specialized Solutions, Complete Solar Energy Solutions, Sustainable & Renewable System Installations, Building Management System, Bids and Estimates, Mechanical Design & Drafting Services, Modular Operations & Theater’s, Clean Room, CSSD, Foul & Water Treatment & Disposal System, Cold Water Supply & Networks, Water Purification Systems, Installation of complete Fire Protection System, Plumbing & Sanitary Works, Water supply networks ( Commercial, residential and industrial ), Heating, Ventilation& Air Conditioning, Cooling Towers and Chillers, Duct Design Modification & Installation ( Metallic and Non Metallic ), Air & Water Balancing For HVAC System, Improvement Of Indoor Air, Quality Testing & Commission Based on International Standards.

Electrical Division – Electrical Power Houses and Utility, Electrical Power Distribution Networks ( LV & MV ), Lighting and Convenience Power Networks, Earthing and Lightning protection systems, Emergency Backup Equipment & Networks, Complete Industrial Installations, Advance Fire Alarm System, Sound or Public Address systems, CCTV and Security Systems, CATV or MATV Systems Distribution, Telephone system and Networks, Maintenance, Management Programs of Electrical & Low-Current Systems Supply, Installation and Supervision of BMS System.


Robotics and automation industry 4.0 engineering company

Location: Germany

Business Overview

– Engineering and automation experts with large group of leading German customers.

– Succession Sale with a transaction scope of up to 100 % of shares.

Products & Services Overview

Engineering specialists for automation and robotics and machinery

Full Sale

Asking Price: GBP 2.6 million (Native Currency: EUR 3,000,000)

Reason: Succession Sale.

Includes physical assets worth GBP 900 thousand

Run Rate Sales  ; GBP 9 million

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Interested to connect with advisors


Space Agency, Airlines and Cruise liners.

Location: United Kingdom & Slovenia

45.0% stake

Reason: We got 3 departments to bring out to the market Within Airlines Cruise liners and Space agency. We need investments for all the three divisions

Business Overview

The company is led by a space scientist ( Ex-NASA ) having years of experience in Robotic Engineering and Astronautics. Our company has a Strong and experienced management team from Germany, USA, and Dubai Our side is responsible to offer Luxury Services for Global market where our clients receive extremely satisfactory services within Airlines and cruise liners services.

We offer Extensive opportunities within our services where we establish Full Provisional Services to bring that extra dim to clients.

Our company is Offering International Investment Opportunity within Our company where we also Looking for International Business partners to Join us.

We offer Exclusive Opportunity to our investors. We have all the Business plans for any investor to see. We have a company video also, so anyone Interested.

Our company offers next services:


Public and Commercial Passengers based Flights, Chartered Flights, International Flights transfers Cargo Flights, Private Flights, Group Flights, International Flights.

Cruise Liners:

International Cruises, Luxury Cruises, International Cargo shipment, International Luxury Cruise Holidaying, Private Cruises Parties on Board, Weddings on Cruises, Festival Cruises, Festival Hosting.

Space Agency:

Space Development, Space Explorations, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Astro Physics, nanotechnology, nano biology, Marine science, Quantum Affiliation system development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Humanoid Robotics, Technology and Quantum Technology developments, Cell Implementation and DNA Structure Development, Medical Composition Cell Implementation,

Human Behavior and Human Brain Researches, and Many more.

We provide full scale services within our industry where Exhausts international Developments and International Seminar Speeches within Scientific Researches and Development.

Online B2B and B2C marketplace

Location: Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan

Seeking Investment

GBP 9 million for 35.0% stake (Native Currency: KZT4,500,000,000)

Reason: Looking to expand the number of users and grow the business worldwide.

Includes physical assets worth GBP 26 million

Interested to connect with advisors

Business Overview

– We are an online marketplace that helps B2B and B2C clients to distribute, buy and sell goods.

– Have 3 million customers.

– Currently, have 120 A class merchants registered with us having 450,000 SKUs.

– Operate out of Kazakhstan and provide our services in Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Our registered head offices are in US and UK.

– Our B2B platform allows businesses to consolidate orders from distributors in order to optimize procurement.

– Also, have a financing service to provide consumer loans for purchases on the store.

Products & Services Overview

B2C and B2B marketplace, B2P financial platform, Fulfillment and Delivery


Fishing company looking to buy 7 vessels

Location: Mauritania

GBP 21 million for 10.0% annual interest, 5.0 years (Native Currency: USD 28,000,000)

Reason: For purchase of 7 vessels.

Business Overview

We are a fishing company that was operating in the fishing zones of Mauritania. We had 3 trawlers and would unload our frozen fish on reefers in Nouadhibou port. Currently we do not have operations but we are looking to buy 7 vessels to start our operations again. This would allow us to catch and freeze 200 tonnes of fish per day. We would deal in fish of various types such as Burro, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Sardine, Pargo, Dentex and Bonito. The main buyer for our product would be a company from England and we are in talks with other companies as well. Promoter has been working as a captain on shipping vessels since 1981.

Products & Services Overview

Fishing in Mauritania and sale of frozen fish.


Fabricated Metal Products Company Seeking Loan in Billings

Location: United States

Manufacturer of steel roof, siding panels and flashings for all 50 states in the US


Seeking Loan

GBP 8 million for 10.0% annual interest, 5.0 years (Native Currency: USD 10,000,000)

Reason: Require finance to grow the company further.

Collateral Available: GBP 9 million

Includes physical assets worth GBP 15 million


Business Overview

– We are manufacturers of steel roof, siding panels and flashings based in Montana.

– Provide products for residential, light commercial, architectural and interior design sectors.

– Our product range includes metal roofing, metal siding, interior metals, metal fencing and building materials.

– Have numerous styles such as rustic, modern, mountain, ranch, cabin and industrial.

– Sell our products in all 50 states and have manufacturing locations in Montana, Black Hills, Wyoming and Pacific Northwest.

– Was rated best of Houzz for 4 consecutive years for customer satisfaction.

– Company is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders.


Products & Services Overview

Roofing panels, siding panels, flashings, accessories, coil, flat sheet, specialty finish products


Food Processing Business Investment Opportunity

GBP 540 thousand for 40.0% stake (Native Currency: INR50,000,000)

Reason: Wants to expand our business by adding more products.

Includes physical assets worth GBP 130 thousand

Location: Bharuch (India)


Business Overview

– We are manufacturer of raw papad, khakhra & edible oils.

– We have 8-10 vendors from whom we purchase the raw materials.

– Our production capacity is 100 metric tons per month.

– Have around 40 clients and 10 distributors who supplies our products to retailers, restaurants & industrial catering services.

– Our sales this year jumped compared to last year due to tie- ups with more than 15- 20 clients this year.

– Promoter has more than 10 years of experience in this business.

Products & Services Overview

Raw papad, khakhra, edible oil, wants to expand business having strong work order.


Travel Agency Investment Opportunity

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Seeking Investment

GBP 4 million for 40.0% stake (Native Currency: AED 19,500,000)

Reason: Business growth, venturing into B2C and retirement of debt.

Includes physical assets worth GBP 300 thousand

Interested to connect with advisors


Business Overview

– Company provides an online B2B aggregation of hotels, apartments and sightseeing services.

– Our clients are travel agents and we have 14,000 registered clients out of which more than 8,000 are active.

– We are active in 21 markets which includes countries in Africa, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, GCC.

– Have offices in UAE, India, Kuwait, UK and Thailand.

– Director of the company has 20 years of experience.

– Strong relationships with top hotel suppliers and hotel chains.

– Have received many awards in the past.

Products & Services Overview

Aggregation and sale in online B2B space for Hotel rooms, Apartments, Sightseeing, Point to point transfers, Technology services to enable travel companies go online, Apps management.


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